Grow Your Own

Peanuts whilst growing underground

Are you looking for something simple but interesting to grow this summer?

Some ginger plants in a small pot

Ginger is a powerful tropical vegetable that has a wealth of benefits and is surprising easy to

Black truffles and tree leaf

Growing truffles is notoriously difficult and a lot of patience is needed, as there are no guarantees, but you can follow our guide for a successful truffle harvest to tip the balance in your favour.

A Close-up view of a hops plant

Everybody enjoys finding the time to sit back, put your feet up and relax with a tasty beverage.

Field of ripe pumpkins growing

Nothing says Autumn more than a bowl of hot pumpkin soup, and it never tastes better than when you have made the soup from pumpkins you have grown yourself.  Pumpkins are members of the squash family (Butternut and Spaghetti being two of the more

A close-up view of a saffron plant growing

There are many herbs and spices you can grow in your garden. Saffron is commonly referred to as the world’s most expensive spice and will can be regard

A vegetable garden using raised beds

There are many plants and vegetables that you can grow in a raised bed that you can't in a regular garden.

A Field of Tobacco Plants Growing

The tobacco plant is not only a cheaper way to acquire and utilise tobacco for your own enjoyment, but it can also be a decorative plant that can add something

Pineapples freshly grown - credit: allnewhd

Amaze your friends and family by growing unusual plants in the polytunnel, greenhouse or the kitchen windowsill, it’s easier and more fun than you might think!

Red chillies are hotter than green ones

Find out how to grow the freshest, tastiest chillies at home and save yourself time and money!

Nothing tastes better than fruit or veg grown by your own hands, but getting started can be daunting. Here we provide useful tips & advice to help you grow your own.


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