Alan Titchmarsh is back gardening on the television

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For those people who love Alan Titchmarsh and miss his style of gardening on the television - and to be perfectly honest, who doesn’t - then tonight marks the start of a summer of love. Because Alan’s back with a vengeance!

The first episode of Love Your Garden (now that sounds familiar/similar for visitors to this website!) airs tonight (10th June 2011) at 8pm on ITV1.

In the series, Alan travels the country to find some of Britain’s most beautiful domestic gardens. Rather than massive country estates or public gardens, Alan will focus on the gardens of those who have turned their gardens into magical outdoor living spaces. And even if you’re not a gardener and only have a tiny plot, Alan will demonstrate how to make it magical too.

The first programme looks at the traditional British garden - the garden that most of us see today - the classic suburban garden. Alan visits a garden that has been a labour of love for one woman and has become the envy of her neighbours. Alan shows us what’s behind the dream suburban garden and how we can achieve the same look at home.

There will be a feature on how to get crisp edges to the lawn, that a suburban environment can be a great source of food and how to encourage wildlife, while accommodating domestic animals such as cats and dogs.

If you watch it, then please let us have your comments - we’d love to hear what you think about Alan Titchmarsh’s new gardening series.