BBC Gardener's World Changes Presenters

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I just heard that 2011 Gardener’s World TV programmes are being fronted by gardening ‘heart-throb’ Monty Don, who has fully recovered from his minor stroke in Feb 2008. His return should please most lady gardeners.

Toby Buckland did a great job with a fresh greenfield site in Birmingham, but unfortunatley he’s been axed.

The recently created Greenacre garden is to be abandoned and Monty will host the programme from his own farmhouse patch in deapest Herefordshire. You may also hear a big cheer from GW male viewers when they also learn learn that Rachel de Thame will return as a regular presenter, to replace Alys Fowler. She is a joy to watch whatever she’s up to in the garden. We look forward to some more exciting gardening programmes for Friday nights next year!