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Garden Ideas for Kids

Egg Box Bouquet with Daffodil
Ideas for Kids

Do you have a pile of old cardboard egg boxes sitting on top of a cupboard waiting to be recycled? Do you perhaps save your old egg boxes because you’re sure there’s something you can do with them, but somehow, you’re never quite sure what?

A miniature fairy garden.
Ideas for Kids

As a parent, you know it’s good to get your children outside, even on those cold unappealing days when it’s tempting to snuggle up in front of the TV.

House With Graduation Cap
Ideas for Kids

Educating children about plants and wildlife at home

Kid Searching
Ideas for Kids

Here are some fun 'spotters' for you to tick off as you spend time exploring the great outdoors, how many can you find?

Puzzles and Games
Ideas for Kids

How good are you at puzzles? See how quickly you can solve these brain teasers

Colouring Pencils
Ideas for Kids

A fun selection of outdoor pictures for you to print off and colour in

What's inside a flower
Ideas for Kids

A colourful diagram labelling the main parts of a flower, very useful for helping children with their school years 

children in garden
Ideas for Kids

Gardening and exploring outside is a fantastic way to spend time as a family!

Child planting cabbage seedlings - Credit: themomiverse
Ideas for Kids

Children are not normally particularly blessed with patience, as we all know. And this fact can make the act of planting seeds and waiting weeks for them to germinate a real sticking point, when trying to get them into gardening.

Fun and engaging projects ideas for parents and teachers to encourage children to learn and enjoy gardening.


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