Feed your plants easily

LiquaFeeding Plant Borders

How to turn your garden into a Miracle-Gro haven… the easy and simple way

There’s nothing better than stepping out into a peaceful, beautifully scented garden for some instant relaxation.

Using a Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed Gun Before you create a chill-out area in your own garden, it’s important to think carefully about which plants are to be used to create this relaxing haven. To get the best fragrance and blooms, it’s important to learn the right plant care… if you’re using the right products this doesn’t have to be difficult.


Step 1

Use a spade to remove turves from your lawn, to create a new flower bed from scratch or to resize and re-shape an existing one. Enrich the bare soil with a quality soil improver such as Levington Organic Blend Soil Conditioner.

Step 2

Next, give some thought to your plants. Choose scented flowers such as lavender or jasmine and keep to a calming colour scheme of whites, blues and purples. Look for plants that flower between late spring and summer when you’re most likely to be spending time outside.

Step 3

Before planting, plan out your border by placing the pots where you think you want them. Make sure you leave plenty of space for your plants to grow without becoming too cluttered.

Step 4

Plant out your chosen plants as per the label instructions and give them a good watering in.

Step 5

Don’t worry if outside space is limited, you can still create the same effect on patios and balconies. Plant straight into pots and containers filled with Miracle-Gro Compost. To give even more interest use coloured pots that compliment your planting scheme.

Top tip

Not everyone has time to spend hours gardening, and what valuable time is available could be spent enjoying the garden. A good tip is to buy perennial plants - so you only plant them once and they’ll come back and flower each year.