Apples are one of the easiest tree fruit to grow. They can be trained into numerous shapes which take up very little space.

Mature blueberry plants can produce upto 4kg of tasty fruit each year. A great crop for smaller gardens as they also make attractive patio plants.

Bursting with vitamin C, currants are an easily grown soft fruit. Fruit ripens in July/August and mature plants will produce up to 4kg each year.

Forget the hard, green bullets you often buy in shops for cooking with - dessert gooseberries are easy to grow and have sweet, and juicy flavours.

Melons need warm growing conditions, and are one of those crops most people would love to have a go at growing.

Raspberries grow well every year and throughout the UK without too many problems and even thrive in cool, damp summers.

If you’ve ever bitten into a juicy homegrown strawberry straight from the garden, you know there’s nothing else quite like it.

Fruit trees, fruit canes and bushes are best grown in garden soil, though there’s fruit varieties that can be grown successfully in large tubs.


Growing aubergines, or eggplants, is now more popular than ever, thanks mainly to better varieties more suited to the British climate.

Both radishes and beetroot are pretty easy to grow, as long as you keep them growing well in good or reasonable soil.

A delicious vegetable that’s easy to grow and well worth the space.

You can cut greens from the brassica family most months of the year.

If you want flavour, then there is nothing like eating home-grown carrots fresh from the garden.

The easiest member of the onion family to grow and available for digging all winter.

There are hundreds of different lettuce varieties and other salad leaves that you can grow to create fabulous, tasty salads.

Growing your own peas can be a very rewarding endeavour. Learn more about how to grow peas at LoveTheGarden.

This is the time to plant out your seed potatoes for bumper crops of delicious potatoes from summer through to autumn.

Shallots are a must have crop for any kitchen garden. They're easy to grow and their sweeter, milder flavour offers a delicious alternative to onions.

True spinach prefers dappled shade and is best grown between other taller plants. Spinach beet prefers a sunny spot.

Maize won’t really grow as high as an elephant’s eye but when grown correctly is sweeter than wine.

No summer salad is complete without a juicy home-grown tomato picked fresh from the vine.

Almost any vegetable you can buy seed for can be grown in the garden or on the patio. Just follow the instructions for best times to sow and plant out.

General Grow Your Own

There is encouraging evidence that the grow your own trend in the UK is becoming less of a novelty and is beginning to embed in to the household routine.

We’ve put together some of the hottest chillis on the Scoville Scale, along with a few tips for growing chillis at home, in our ‘Hotter Than The Sun’ infographic.

Although most vegetables are pretty easy to grow, here's our Top 10 of the easiest must-haves to get started with.

Rotating your crops to different plots each season is one of the best ways to avoid vegetable pests, diseases and disorders.

If you fancy giving ‘grow your own’ a go but don't think you have the outside space to spare, or the know-how to get started then think again!

You can grow the juicy tomatoes, plump peppers and fresh herbs, which help make up a tasty topping for this favourite Italian treat.

Home-grown herbs have so much flavour they taste out of this world. Now’s a great time to start up your very own herb garden.

Use our fantastic easy-to-use guide that shows when to sow and harvest your vegetables.

Every small garden or patio can produce some healthy vegetables even if you need to grow them in pots.