Both radishes and beetroot are pretty easy to grow, as long as you keep them growing well in good or reasonable soil.

Growing aubergines, or eggplants, is now more popular than ever, thanks mainly to better varieties more suited to the British climate.

A delicious vegetable that’s easy to grow and well worth the space.

You can cut greens from the brassica family most months of the year.

If you want flavour, then there is nothing like eating home-grown carrots fresh from the garden.

The easiest member of the onion family to grow and available for digging all winter.

There are hundreds of different lettuce varieties and other salad leaves that you can grow to create fabulous, tasty salads.

Onions are an essential vegetable for all kitchens and can be grown from small immature bulbs, called sets, or from seed.

Growing your own peas can be a very rewarding endeavour. Learn more about how to grow peas at LoveTheGarden.

This is the time to plant out your seed potatoes for bumper crops of delicious potatoes from summer through to autumn.

Shallots are a must have crop for any kitchen garden. They're easy to grow and their sweeter, milder flavour offers a delicious alternative to onions.

True spinach prefers dappled shade and is best grown between other taller plants. Spinach beet prefers a sunny spot.

Maize won’t really grow as high as an elephant’s eye but when grown correctly is sweeter than wine.

No summer salad is complete without a juicy home-grown tomato picked fresh from the vine.

Almost any vegetable you can buy seed for can be grown in the garden or on the patio. Just follow the instructions for best times to sow and plant out.