Seasonal Lawn Care

Renovating your lawn in spring won't take long or cost a fortune. For the average sized lawn it will cost less than £10 and take under 10 minutes.

A beautiful, well-maintained lawn is a sight to behold and will make the neighbours green with envy.

Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food is the ultimate choice of the lawn expert who wants premium results and is happy to indulge the lawn with regular care.

Use our easy-to-use guide that shows when to treat and look after your lawn.

A great looking lawn really is the heart of any garden. Learn how to get a great lawn at LoveTheGarden.

We all love a nice, hot, sunny day lying out in our garden or entertaining friends and family with a summer BBQ.

A special autumn feed will help build a thicker, greener lawn by encouraging strong healthy root growth.

No matter how diligent you've been with your lawn over the summer months, come autumn it's likely to be looking a little tired, pale and worn out.


You can choose the correct grass seed mixture that will perfectly match your lifestyle and your garden.

Miracle-Gro Patch Magic is the easy way to repair bare patches in the lawn and produce fabulous, new green growth.

If the overall grass cover of your lawn is thin or there are noticeable bare patches around the lawn then over-seeding is called for.

Lawn Problems

Good management of lawns including regular feeding will encourage a thicker lawn vigorous enough to repel serious invasion by weeds.

Moss is a serious lawn problem that is usually found where the lawn remains wet for prolonged periods.

The thick, green beauty of a lawn is marred by the presence of weeds and other lawn problems. The most common are listed here.

General Lawn Care

It's a fact that lawns benefit from regular feeding. Without extra nutrients grass soon uses up food reserves in the soil and then turns pale and thin.

Learn how to mow a lawn. Following these simple rules can help bring out the best in your lawn and help keep work to a minimum.

For larger sized lawns, spreaders are ideal for applying grass seed or granular lawn care products.

Most lawns can survive without rain for only a couple of weeks before signs of stress appear, so water regularly during drought periods.

Make sure your lawn edges look crisp, neat and tidy to ensure a lawn to be proud of.