Lawn weeding

Weeds in my lawn

Good management of the lawn including regular feeding and correct mowing will encourage a thicker, greener lawn vigorous enough to repel serious invasion by weeds and even moss.

However, seeds will blow in from other areas of the garden and bird droppings will also contain weed seeds, so keep a regular eye out for weed problems, and deal with them as soon as you see them.

Getting rid of lawn weeds isn’t necessarily a matter of digging them out. Thankfully, selective lawn weedkillers that kill weeds without harming the grass are available. So there’s no excuse for a lawn full of dandelions, daisies, buttercups and white clover. Treating the average sized lawn (100 sq.m) with a lawn treatment such as EverGreen Complete takes around 10 minutes and can cost less than £10 to feed, weed and control moss in one simple application.

Verdone Extra montage Problem weeds?

Some small-leaved weeds, such as lesser trefoil and black medick, are not easily controlled with standard weed and feed lawn treatments. However, they can be easily killed with either Verdone Extra Concentrate or Verdone Extra Ready To Use. Simply spray on and they wilt and die in just a few weeks.