Seeding lawns

Repairing a lawn

Renovating a worn lawn

If the overall grass cover of your lawn is thin or there are noticeable bare patches around the lawn then over-seeding in the autumn or early spring is called for.

Rake the area

Use a rake to loosen the soil surface and remove any obvious weeds or stones. A sprinkling of EverGreen Enriched Lawn Soil worked into your existing surface will help to provide a fine seed bed.

Sow the seed

Choose one of the EverGreen or Miracle-Gro grass seed mixtures and apply evenly over the lawn at 25g per square metre. Rake into the soil surface so that the seed is covered. For quicker, easy results try Miracle-Gro Patch Magic which contains coir and a feed to help grass grow anywhere, quickly.

Keep the lawn well watered

Water the area every few days if the weather is dry.

Repair bare patches

Well worn play areas, goal mouths and race tracks need to be reseeded in spring or autumn. You will get hard-wearing results from Miracle-Gro Patch Magic, EverGreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed or the EverGreen Lawn Repair Kit. Or, where dogs have caused the bare areas, repair the damage with Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair.

Follow the directions on the pack for great results. Don’t forget to persuade the children to move play areas around the garden next summer.

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