Capsid bugs

Capsid Bug Damage (Curled Leaves)


Capsid bugs are nasty little green things about 6mm long with six long legs and antennae. They love the tips of young shoots and have wide tastes - Roses, Fuchsias, Hydrangeas, Forsythia, Chrysanthemums and even Currant Bushes.

Capsid bug damage Symptoms

Look out for them any time from late spring onwards. Capsids suck the sap from the shoot tips of leaves and buds. As if that weren’t bad enough they also leave behind them their poisonous spit which kills the young plant cells.

Young leaves become distorted and develop tiny holes. Young buds are misshapen and, especially in the case of Fuchsias, are killed off.

Treatment and control

General tips: At the time of preparing this guide there are no ready to use products available which are recommended for the control of capsid bugs. Concentrates are therefore the only option and even here the choice is limited.