EverGreen Handy Spreader

Quickly and accurately distributes EverGreen and Scotts Lawn Builder granular lawn food to ensure best results. Its’s easy to use, and a unique arm support makes light work of lawn treatment.

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EverGreen Handy Spreader 1 unit
Available pack sizesCoverage
1 per packSpreading width = 2m

Adjustable spreader with 5 settings so that you can quickly and easily treat a small lawn with all manner of different spring, summer and autumn lawn feeds

Spreading lawn care granules accurately and evenly by hand is no easy task. Just witness the failures when over-application causes scorch damage or uneven application creates a patchy effect of bright green areas mixed in with pale untreated spots.

Now treating a small lawn with EverGreen and Scotts lawn food granules can be quick, easy and accurate. It’s as simple as walking.

  1. Just fill the hopper - off the lawn is best as spills on the patio won’t damage the grass.
  2. Adjust the spreader settings. Use 5 for EverGreen granules (applied at 30g per sq.m) and 4 for Scotts Lawn Builder products (20g per sq.m)
  3. Now walk up and down the lawn at normal speed turning the handle. Twice for Scotts Lawn Builder products, three times for EverGreen granules.

For best results, cover the lawn area in different directions. This will avoid tramlines between each row.

Because the throw sideways from the Handy Spreader is not completely accurate and lawn edges are rarely dead straight it is recommended that lawn treatments containing moss or weed killers are not applied in this way. Instead we recommend you use the EvenGreen Drop Spreader.