EverGreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed

Professional grade grass seed mixture for creating new lawns, over-seeding thin lawns and repairing bare patches. Creates dense, hard-wearing lawns.

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Mar - Oct

EverGreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed 420g carton
Available pack sizesCoverage
420g carton14 sq.m (17 sq.yd)
210g carton7 sq.m (8.5 sq.yd)
840g carton28 sq.m (34 sq.yd)
1.68kg carton56 sq.m (68 sq.yd)

Unique mix of premium sports grade grass seed as used by professionals - germinates 50% faster* and gives a tough, durable lawn

EverGreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed promises a thick, green lawn and stronger roots thanks to its unique Water Smart™ grass technology for optimum absorption of water and nutrients. This unique premium quality mix of dwarf and fine-leaved rye grasses and fescues germinates 50% faster* and quickly produces a dense and hard-wearing lawn. In ideal conditions, when the soil is warm and moist, grass will start to appear in just 5 days. It is also ideal for over-seeding thin existing lawns or repairing bare patches.

This unique mix of premium sports grade seed is used by professionals in the production and repair of superior sports fields. EverGreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed is therefore ideal for producing hard-wearing domestic lawns that wear well under all conditions. The resulting lawn will provide a dense cover with good resistance to wear and tear caused by children, pets or heavy foot traffic.

For great results prepare soil carefully between March and October and apply by hand at the rate of 30g/1oz per square yard.

*Trials have proved that EverGreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed germinates 50% faster than some other commercial grass seeds.