Home Defence Advanced Rat & Mouse Killer

Unique rodent control using 100% natural plant extracts that disrupts the digestive system of rats and mice. Highly attractive food source blocks the digestive system and subsequently induces a fatal coma. Effective against rodents resistant to chemicals.

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Home Defence Advanced Rat & Mouse Killer 300g
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Ready-to-use biodegradeable pellets that kill rats and mice without the use of poisonous chemicals

Home Defence Advanced Rat & Mouse Killer contains natural plant extracts that block the digestive system of rodents, killing them humanely, without the use of chemical poisons.

When eaten by greedy rats and mice this food disrupts the digestive system so that rodents fall into a lethargic coma from which they don’t recover. The unique ready-to-use pellets also contain coconut, a very effective rodent attractant, and will target and control all rats or mice, even those resistant to existing chemicals, such as warfarin. The 100% natural ingredients ensure the food creates no bait shyness and is 100% effective both indoors and outside.

Each pack contains a free bait tray for ease of use. Place the ready-to-use pellets in the tray either indoors or outside in a dry position away from excessive moisture.