SlugClear Ultra

Highly efficient bait that protects edible and decorative plants from slugs and snails in the garden or greenhouse. New technology means the pellets are rainproof for 14 days.

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SlugClear Ultra 750g
Available pack sizesCoverage
750gSpot treatment

New formula – 1 application protects for 14 days

Slugs and snails are the most hated pests of gardeners because they can quickly destroy seedlings and ruin mature decorative plants and edible food crops. Lightly sprinkling SlugClear Ultra on bare soil around your plants will provide great protection without using as much chemical as ordinary slug baits.

Slugs and snails are voracious plant eaters, but they can be diverted away from living plants by the highly attractive bait in SlugClear Ultra, so they eat a fatal dose of the active ingredient that stops them in their tracks.

Sprinkle the pellets lightly and evenly on to the soil surface at about 120 pellets per square metre (1.5 grammes of product per sq.m) around plants to be protected. When protecting food crops, care should be taken to avoid pellets becoming trapped or resting in the leaves.