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Levington® Tomorite® Giant Planter with Seaweed

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By Steve Dalton, Chief Gardener
Levington Tomorite Giant Planter 118002

Levington® Tomorite® Giant Planter with Seaweed is bigger than the standard growing bag, which allows for easier watering and water control, better root growth and, as a result, will produce bigger, fuller flavoured yields.

How To Use

Give the bag a good Shake, this will help to evenly distribute the compost, and make sure any compacted lumps are broken down.

Cut along the dotted lines of the panels you want to use, if you are only planting two plants, use the end panels.

Delay planting tomatoes until the first flowers open

Make sure that you add in support canes and tie in the stems

When to Water

After planting, water when necessary using about 6 Litres (approx 1.5 gallon) to keep the planter moist.  Watering needs to be kept as regular as possible, this will help to stop your tomatoes getting Blossom End Rot.

Feeding Guide

We recommend feeding 20ml of Tomorite in 4.5L (1 gallon) of water, twice a week for crops growing outside and once a week for those being grown inside a glass greenhouse.

Growing Tips

Avoid piercing the bottom of the planter, as this will stop the nutrients from being washed straight out, but be careful of over watering and flooding the planter.

Train plants to fan out, this will help them to soak up as much sunlight as possible and a good air flow to pass through.

Keep an eye out for signs of pests, make sure you treat them straight away by using a edible crop friendly pesticide.  Make sure you read the label before you purchase, as not all pesticides can be used on edible crops.


Levington® Tomorite® Giant Planter 118002

Giant Planter

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Levington® Tomorite® Giant Planter with Seaweed


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Where to buy

Available at all good garden retailers. Or give us a call for up-to-date stockist information on: 01483 410210

User reviews


levington growbags


Reviewed 21 Aug 2015

I purchased 5 Levington grow bags this year for use in my greenhouse. I checked that all of the bags were undamaged on purchase,however i have been extremely disappointed with all of them. The amount of weeds coming up amongst my Tomatoes,Cucumbers and Melons is quite unbelievable. My green house is totally weedfree and i wonder if there has been a production problem this season. I grew peppers and jalapenos in 2 rival grow bags with no such weed problem,i hate to say that the Homebase growbags have proved to be much more reliable.

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Vicky Page's picture
Vicky Page

Hi Gareth, that certainly doesn't sound good, unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee weed free composts, and sterilising the mix would make them completely inert and have no nutritional values, however they should not contain enough weed seeds to become an issue. Send the LoveTheGarden team your details and I'm sure we can help you out. 


I've bought about 15 of the bags this spring and all my tomatoes have developed distorted new growth. It looks to me like clopyralid or similar contamination. A relative 8 miles away used the same compost and has the same problem. Thoughts?

Amy Drudge's picture
Amy Drudge

Hi Keith,

Please see the email we have sent you.

Kind Regards

LTG Team


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