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BugClear™ Gun! for Fruit & Veg

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By Steve Dalton, Chief Gardener
BugClear Gun Fruit & Veg 750ml 018921

BugClear Gun! for Fruit & Veg is a fast-acting and effective insecticide spray that can be used on all fruit and vegetables plus roses, flowers, shrubs and trees. Ready to use – spray today, eat tomorrow. For use outdoors and indoors.

Fast-acting natural insecticide for all edible crops

BugClear Gun! For Fruit & Veg is available as a ready to use hand sprayer. It contains a naturally occurring insecticide called pyrethrins that is extracted from the flowers of a member of the chrysanthemum family.

The fast acting pyrethrins insecticide will give excellent control of many common pests including greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, caterpillars and red spider mites.

This ready to use product can be used all around the garden or greenhouse on all vegetables and fruit, plus roses, flowers and decorative shrubs. Food crops can be safely harvested and eaten the day after treatment.

To safeguard bees and other pollinators it is recommended that gardeners do not spray open blooms. This multi-use insecticide spray is a vital tool in the gardeners’ armoury because it contains a natural insecticide and can be used on all plant groups right up until the day before harvest.

BugClear Gun Fruit & Veg 750ml 018921


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