Roundup weedkiller products

Roundup weedkiller products

Gardeners have several different formulations of Roundup to chose from - each one specifically formulated to provide excellent weed control in a number of different garden areas and to solve even difficult weed problems.

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Roundup is a systemic weedkiller that is taken up by the foliage and moves all around the weed, right down to the roots to kill off the whole plant.

Traditional Roundup GC is a liquid concentrate for dilution in a garden sprayer

Roundup Ready To Use Faster Acting Formula is a formulation that shows visible effects in just a few days.

Roundup XL kills extra tough weeds, such as brambles, thistles and nettles anywhere that they grow.

Roundup Tree Stump & Root Killer works on standing trees, recently cut tree stumps, perennial deep-root weeds and brushwood together with a unique inoculation method to effectively control Japanese knotweed.

Roundup Gel - the new easy weeding tool

Roundup Gel is an entirely new weedkiller that makes weed control, particularly in awkward places - simple. The unique weedkiller gel formulation sticks to leaves.