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Gardening Advice, Tips & Shop Products

Autumn Lawn Care Guide
Start preparing your lawn for the Autumn months with our Autumn lawn care guide.
EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care
EverGreen® Autumn Lawn Care toughens up the grass to help it withstand harsh winter weather.
EverGreen® Autumn Lawn Care
Top Dressing A Lawn: How & Why
Find a plant
Find the perfect plant to grow in your garden
Planting In Autumn & Winter Containers
Gardening calendar
There is always something to be done in the garden but when is the right time of year to be carrying these jobs out?
How To Clean Your Patio
BugClear™ Gun For Fruit & Veg
BugClear™ Fruit & Veg Gun! is a fast-acting contact insecticide for use on ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables.
bugclear fruit & veg gun
How To Get Rid Of Slugs & Snails
Miracle-Gro® Pour & Feed™ Ready To Use Plant Food
Easy to apply; no dilution, no hassle. Miracle-Gro® Pour & Feed™ Ready to Use Plant Food feeds your flowering and foliar pot plants, both indoors and out.
How To Grow Wallflowers
Home Defence® Ant Stop® Granules™
Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Granules™ have designed to be easy to use and destroy an entire ants nest with one application.