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Guide to Urban Gardening

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By Geoff Hodge, Botanical Expert (BSc, MCIHort)
The Urban Gardening Guide

There are many benefits of living in an urban area, but gardeners often feel they get a raw deal. A common perception is that the average inner-city green space is either too limited or non-existent, and probably not worth nurturing.

To get over this misconception and to give you the confidence to start growing, or develop and improve your growing skills, we've produced a gorgeous guide to growing a garden in whatever space you have.

The Urban Gardening Guide spreadThe Urban Gardening Guide provides urban gardeners with a host of handy tips, whether their fingers are newly green or they’ve got years of experience. Open the guide, and you’ll find information on how to use and design your gardening space, the plants that will best suit your situation, and even insider info on which plants get on well with one another.

Whether you’re putting together a beautiful balcony box, or you have a bit of patio space that you want brightening up, the Urban Gardening Guide is a great place to start your journey into making it a colourful, productive area.

You can download our free Urban Gardening Guide using the links below. You may think it is so invaluable that you'll want to tell your friends in a similar situation all about it.

Download the full version and you’ll get the full guide in glorious colour, ready to upload onto your tablet and brighten up your coffee table. If you’d prefer a more traditional pamphlet, click on the printer-friendly version - also colourful, but available in a more printer-friendly format so you don’t use too much ink when printing it!

PDF iconDownload the Urban Gardening Guide (3MB)PDF iconDownload the printer-friendly version of the Urban Gardening Guide (1.7MB)


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