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How to Clean Your Patio

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By Amy Drudge, Garden Advisor
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Paths, patios and other hard surfaces can soon become dirty and covered with green mould and and algae. This will make them look uncared for. So they need regular cleaning to keep them looking prestine all year round - which, in turn, makes the rest of the garden look great.

A good cleaner is needed, but some are better than others - and some are much easier to use.

Work Magic on Your Patio!

Algae and green moulds grow most vigorously in the cool, wet weather of winter when light levels are low and outdoor surfaces are moist. Their unsightly appearance is most obvious in early spring when you will first notice that surfaces are dark, dingy and often slippery. Hand scrubbing or brushing is time consuming and messy, and pressure washing is not recommended on tarmac and can also be very messy.

There are lots of hassle-free solutions on the market these days for cleaning all sorts of outdoor hard surfaces. Just follow the instructions carefully, within a few days you should start to see visible results and some prevent regrowth from a few weeks to a few months!!


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