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Plant Feeding

Straight answers to plant feeding

When it comes to feeding your plants, there are several ways of doing it. There are multi-purpose general feeds that can be used on all plants all round the garden. But there are some situations where a specific feed, supplying a specific plant nutrient, are needed. For instance, when planting in the garden you should use a feed that is high in phosphorous to encourage strong root growth and fast establishment. Where plants aren’t flowering well, a high potash feed will encourage more flowers.

Plant feeding nutrient information

Garden compost and well-rotted animal waste/manure added to the soil will supply some plant nutrients, but in most gardens the amount available is rarely sufficient for optimum plant feeding. That’s why you need to feed your plants.

Plant feeding application tips

There are numerous ways to apply plant feeds or fertilisers. Each has its advantages and can be used in different circumstances.

Get you plants blooming by using the right plant food, our experts explain why plants need a regular feed, what to use and when......


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