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Pots, Baskets & Window Boxes

Planting winter containers

If your patio looks a little drab and uninteresting after a colourful summer, then plant up your containers with late season interest plants to give you some cheery colour to look out at.

Colourful Containers and Beautiful Baskets

Some of the most attractive summer sights are containers and hanging baskets overflowing with, bright, beautiful bedding and other summer-flowering plants. Now's a good time to make a start on your summer container creations.

Pots, tubs, window boxes and other containers

Pots, tubs and containers of all sorts are the mainstay of every patio display. They come in many sizes and shapes, including troughs and window boxes which can be positioned on any wall or fence, and not just below your windows.

Colourful flowers in a hanging basket

Hanging baskets are great for small spaces and a brilliant way to add colour to otherwise drab walls and fences. They are also fabulous for brightening up patios and around doors.

Pots, Baskets & Window Boxes can make a big difference to the appearance of your property, plus you can grow plants, vegetables or fruit in them!!


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