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Growing From Seeds & Cuttings

A Guide To Germinating Seeds

A seed is defined in the dictionary as being ‘the unit of reproduction of a flowering plant, capable of developing into another such plant.

Splitting perennials

You can easily propagate herbaceous perennials by dividing them. Simply lift the plant, cut it into smaller sections and re-plant in well-prepared soil.

Cornus alba sibirica hardwood cuttings

There are numerous deciduous and evergreen shrubs, including roses and soft fruit, that you can propagate from hardwood cuttings. These include dogwoods (Cornus), mock orange (Philadelphus), flowering currant (Ribes) and Forsythia.

Sowing seed outdoors

Hardy annual flower seeds and seeds of many vegetables and salad crops can be sown directly outdoors in garden soil where they are to grow to maturity.

Sowing seeds indoors

Seeds of non-hardy or half-hardy plants have to be sown indoors with gentle heat in pots, seed trays or cell trays filled with good compost.

Rooting stems and cuttings

Some shrubs, trees and plants don’t set seed easily and are best propagated from part of the original plant that can be persuaded to develop roots.

Growing on small plants

Buying young plants that can be grown on to flowering and cropping is an easy and convenient way of producing colourful garden displays and productive vegetable gardens...

Growing from seed or cuttings can be a cheap way to fill your garden with flowers and vegetables, but can be tricky and needs patience.  With our expert advice, the job can be easy and very rewarding...


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