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How to Get the Best Results from your Gro-ables

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By Lucy Pitts, Garden Enthusiast
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How to get the best results out of your Gro-ables Growing your own veg and herbs is pretty easy with Gro-ables: plant, water, grow and enjoy!

But is there anything you can do to make sure you really get the best possible results out of your Gro-ables harvest? Well yes there is, just follow our simple 7 step guide.

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Step 1

Before you start planting and growing just do a little bit of research into the plants you want to grow. How much sunshine do they like? How tolerant to the cold or frosts are they? What sort of care do they need and what sort of soil do they prefer?

Your Gro-ables come in a ready to go seed pod packed with the right protection and nutrients. But that doesn’t stop you giving your plants the best possible chance by preparing the soil into which you are going to plant well in advance.

Dig it over, make sure it has the correct pH balance and add any necessary well-rotted compost or manure.

Step 2

Then choose the best possible position for your Gro-ables plants and make sure they have plenty of room for the size they will eventually be.

That means planting your tomatoes for example a good distance apart and making sure they have enough depth in the soil. They may prefer full sun, a sheltered position or partial shade so just make sure you give your Gro-ables what they prefer.

If they don’t like a frost, don’t plant out until well after the last one or make sure they are protected with a fleece or a cloche. Don’t leave tender young seedlings out in the full power of a long hot day or risk finding them wilted and weak!

Peppers, Tomatoes, Carrots and Cucumber in the Field
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Step 3

Don’t forget to water your Gro-ables in line with whatever they require and if your soil is poor you may need to add extra feed too.

There is a free app you can use called 'Sprout it' which is really easy to understand and will remind you when your plants need watering, if you’re worried that you might forget.

Step 4

Don’t just abandon your Gro-ables to chance. Watch out for pests and diseases or the odd hungry bird. Do your tomatoes need a bit of support? What about those lettuces? Do you need to take precautions against a hungry caterpillar or a slug or two?

There are lots of different and natural ways you can protect your greens against munchers without harming the rest of your wildlife.

Step 5

Remember to weed around your Gro-ables in order to give them a fighting chance! Your seeds may have been given the best possible start in life in their seed pods but any plant will struggle if it’s fighting for air, soil and sunshine with a bed full of weeds!

But do take care to be gentle in your weeding so as not to disturb your Gro-ables’ roots.

A Handful of Peas

Step 6

Take a moment to consider what other vegetables, herbs or even fruit you might want to plant to bring out the best in your Gro-ables harvest. That might mean thinking about recipes and what you’re going to do with your crop when it’s ready.

You will also need to think about what is going to work well from a visual point of view as you garden springs back into life this summer.

Most importantly of all, you will need to plan for the plants that make good companions for one another. Tomatoes for example do well if planted near carrots, peas and lettuces, and herbs quite enjoy being near to the veggies.

Marigolds can make an attractive and effective border to your veggie beds and some plants such as nasturtiums can act as a great deterrent against pests. In fact they can spice up a salad too with their peppery leaves, so act as a double bonus.

Step 7

Finally harvest promptly. After all your hard work, make sure you keep an eye on your plants as your crops get near to harvest time. You don’t want to miss out because you didn’t get picking in time!

So that’s it. Our 7 step guide. It really isn’t hard work to get the best from your Gro-ables and should be worth every mouthful as you enjoy your harvest. Don’t forget to let us know how you are getting on via our social media sites.


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