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Feed for camelias, rhododendrons and azaleas

Feed for camelias, rhododendrons and azaleas

Asked 5 months 1 week ago by BertieandGeorge

1. I have some feed for camelias, rhododendrons and azaleas. In the instructions it says that it can be used between March and September. I have just applied it to those plants. My query is however, I can understand that it should be applied to the rhododendrons and azaleas, as they are coming into bud, and so presumably will be helped by the feed. However, the camelias have bloomed and are now dropping the flowers. How will they be helped by an application of the feed at this time? Should I be feeding camelias in September rather than March?

2. I have sorted out feed for my containers, but wonder now about feeding the borders etc. I have read somewhere that garden soil will generate its own nutrients and sometimes will not need to be fed. However, I have also read that you can apply various things to stimulate the organisms that provide the nutrients etc. I have seen things like fish blood and bone in the garden centre and wondered whether these would provide the solution. I am looking for something fairly simply to use if possible. The areas I am talking about are fairly small. Could you suggest something for me?





Tim Farrant

Q1. Miracle-Gro Azalea,

Posted 15 Mar 2017

Q1. Miracle-Gro Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron Continuous Plant Food feeds for 6 mths so your camellias whilst having flowered will later in the year start setting buds for next year so they will benefit from feeding now.

Q2. Feeding a small garden is best done with Miracle-Gro Soluble All Purpose Plant Food applied with a Miracle-Gro Feeder. Simply put max 500gm in the jar under the feeder head, fill the jar with water and screw the feeder head on. attach the hose, turn it on full, turn the dial to Feed and Water to feed the garden. 500gms of feed will feed up to 100sqm of garden in approx 20-30 mins with good water pressure.

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