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Feed clematis

Feed clematis

Asked 1 year 10 months ago by BertieandGeorge

1. A few weeks ago, I scraped off the top 4" of compost of the containers containing my clematis, Rebecca and Josephine. I put fresh compost on mixed with Osmocote continuous release pellets, and I have watered weekly with Chempak no 3. I have noticed today however, that small buds are forming on both of them. Do I now need to stop Chempak no 3 and water with Chempak no 4?

2. Is tomato feed an acceptable substitute for Chempak no 4?

3. I just seen some slow release pellets in our local Home Bargains store from a company called 'Doff'. They are marked as 13:13:13. Do you know of this company. I wonder whether they will be as good as the Osmocote or Levingtons continuous release supplied at the garden centre?




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