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Planting advise

Planting advise

Asked 2 years 5 months ago by [email protected]

I bought Miracle Gro Potting Mix and Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant food yesterday as i recently bought new bulbs for flowers to bloom in spring nxt year. But i do already have some florwers and greenery in garden. All my flowers, including the bulbs are outdoor flowers in pots. However the flowers i have already are mostly all dead now and most of them are deadheaded as its coming up for winter. I was wondering if replacing with this new compost would help? And also if you had lilies and deadheaded them all to mostly just what looked like stumps in the compost now, because theyre all dead except you still have the bulb. are you still worth saving the bulb? would it be ok if it just looked like a stump in the soil?


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