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Advice with lawn issues

Advice with lawn issues

Asked 3 years 7 months ago by Hastings_1066

Brown patches, circles, lines, right-angles, ?tendrils etc

My lawn is treated professionally 4 times a year with chemicals to feed, weed etc (and treat vetch, which keeps appearing in certain areas then disappearing). It's a small lawn in the south of England, and it's been a very hot July. I live in a country village which is high. I don't know what the lawn grass type is but it would originally have been turf.

The lawn gets almost no traffic, I have no pets, and I have managed to keep cats from visiting my garden. I'm on the edge of the country, so various tiny creatures probably visit during the night.

Brown circles started a few days after the late spring feed, which may be just a coincidence, unless something was carried to my garden from someone else's garden or by a bird.

I've been cutting the grass in the back garden on 2 notches higher on the mower for June and July, but as August seems to be pretending to be September this year, I lowered the mower to the usual height this week, so that the lawn would look tidier. I thought the browning had all but gone. However, every time I went over a brown patch, the electric rotary mower almost stopped, almost as though tendrils were being ripped out of the grass and were winding themselves round the circulating blade and slowing it down.

The healthy parts of the lawn look great - green, lush, healthy, attractive - but the unhealthy parts quite frankly look dead. There seem to be dead circles, with lines coming away from them, then those lines sometimes have right angles in them as though 'something' has hit a stone and turned away from it.

I've mowed the front lawn with the blade higher so that I don't have the same disastrous effect, but maybe I should also be cutting it short to twist out whatever is in there causing this problem.

I have 4 photographs but can't see anywhere to upload them.

I've always cared for my lawns so carefully and this is a great disappointment, especially as after nearly 3 decades here I now have my house up for sale!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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