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Animal re-entry after application

Animal re-entry after application

Asked 1 year 9 months ago by daisey123

How long after applying EverGreen Complete 4 in 1, do I have to wait before I let my rabbit back into the treated area?



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Amy Drudge

Rabbit re-entry to treated area

Posted 04 Sep 2015

Hi Daisey123,

We recommend that grazing animals be excluded from areas treated, until the weeds are completely dead. Though care must still be taken with ragwort as described in the following text.

There is no real need to restrict access to a lawn treated with a weedkiller, weed and feed or a mosskiller, when used as directed on the label, unless there are poisonous weeds such as ragwort, buttercup etc present. Grazing animals will avoid eating these weeds in their natural state. However, once the weed starts to die (be it from use of a weedkiller or naturally) changes in the way the weeds taste may make them more palatable and they may be eaten by mistake. It is these dying weeds that cause the risk to grazing animals. Where this type of weed is present, or if you are unsure if toxic weeds are present, we recommend keeping grazing animals off the area until the weeds have died and their remains have been physically removed.

We recommend that the minimum length of time after application before you water in, is at least 4 hours. The lawn should already be moist prior to application, so this gives the product a chance to start getting absorbed into the area applied. Once watered in, the treated area needs to be 100% dry before entry is allowed.

This also stops the transfer of product to other areas where you don't want it and the risk of staining occurring.

Kind Regards


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