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Autumn fertiliser for new lawn

Autumn fertiliser for new lawn

Asked 10 months 3 weeks ago by [email protected]

Hi, please can you let me know if Scott's Lawnbuilder Autumn Lawn Food that will be 12 weeks old at start of Sept? Also, I believe Evergreen Autumn 2 in 1 can't be used on lawns less than 6 months old? Hope you can help as I really want to look after the new sod to give it the best start. Many thanks, Fiona



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Amy Drudge

What to feed a new lawn

Posted 05 Aug 2016

Hi Fiona,

The best thing to do for new lawns is watering, in hot warm weather water them once a week and in cooler weather every 2 weeks.

New lawns are sensitive and will not really need nutrients to help them grow, EverGreen Autumn Lawn Food can be applied once the lawn is over 3 months old.  Make sure to read and follow the on-pack instructions and apply at the correct dosage, as over applying any lawn fertiliser can cause scorch.

Kind Regards


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