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no growth

no growth

Asked 3 months 2 days ago by sparrow22

I seeded my lawn 11 days ago with evergreen fast grass, I've kept it wet on the days it hasn't rained but not one blade of grass has grown, not impressed. I expected to see some growth. It says on the box that it can germinate in 4 day but nothing. I'm not sowing a full lawn I am repairing some small areas.



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Vicky Page

lawn seed

Posted 27 Mar 2017

Lawn seeds do require warm ground temperatures in order to geminate quickly. We have had some very cold nights and even frosts in the past 11 days, this reduces the soil temperatures. 

Make sure the ground is raked prior to seeding to enable the seeds to get good contact with the ground and help the roots establish. Keep the areas moist as you have been and as the soil warms up you should see germination soon.

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