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Spread rate Evergreen products

Spread rate Evergreen products

Asked 11 months 1 week ago by davec53

Could you help please?
I have just bought a substantial supply of both Evergreen 4in1 Complete Extra Strength and Evergreen Extreme Green.
My spreader is a Midland Oak 'Lawntenda'
The spreader settings are marked as 0 to 12
as the spread rate seems to be important, could you tell me what setting I should use for both products.
Probably not important, but the lawn is around 250 sq m.
Thank you
Dave Cox




Spreader settings for Midland Oak Lawn Tenda

Posted 24 Aug 2016

Both of these products need to be spread at 35 g/m2, please use setting number 6 on your spreader.

Kind Regards,


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