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Using Evergreen 2 in 1 fertiliser

Using Evergreen 2 in 1 fertiliser

Asked 10 months 1 week ago by [email protected]

Good afternoon,
I plan to use Evergreen Autumn 2 in 1 fertiliser on new turf at the end of September. The sod will be 3 months old by then. I will be using an Evergreen Easy Spreader+ to apply the granules - the instructions say the setting should be 4.5. If I use the 2 pass method, what should the setting be? (ie what is the setting to apply half rate). Is the 2 pass method a good idea (to reduce risk of missed areas where there is no drop under the wheels, conversely to reduce effect of possible overlap). If I use the 2 pass method, should both passes be in the same direction, or at right angles to each other? (ie up and down 1st pass then across at 2nd pass).
Hope you can advise as I don't want to damage the turf and I know you have to be careful with chemical fertilisers.
Many thanks, Fiona



Amy Drudge's picture
Amy Drudge

How to Apply Autumn Lawn Food

Posted 24 Aug 2016

Hi Fiona,

If you want to use the 2 pass method then it would be best to use setting 2.  Start by doing the whole of the outside edges, as when come to do the down and up and across runs, when you get to the end of each run you will need to put the yellow lever back to 0 to stop the fertiliser coming out while your stopped.  Moving it back to setting 2 as you start to walk off.

The following may be of interest to you Autumn Lawn Care.

Kind Regards


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