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Brown spots on Arbutus Andrachnoides

Brown spots on Arbutus Andrachnoides

Asked 3 years 3 months ago by Arbutuslover

I have and ARBUTUS ANDRACHNOIDES tree in my garden which I imported from Italy in 2013. It is about 13 feet tall. It became infected with small brown spots on most of its leaves during the winter of 2014/15. About April of this year I researched this on the internet and the advice seemed to be to remove all infected leaves and burn them. This is did leaving 20 healthy leaves. I also used some old “BENLATE” Sachets I had as a root drench. (I don’t think this product is allowed any longer.) The tree very quickly covered itself in beautiful new leaves and looked healthier than it had been when I imported it. I also removed many branches of a climbing rose which had blackspot, which were very near to the leaves of my Arbutus.

I am sorry to say but it is gradually becoming infected with the brown spots again. I saw one of your products being advised by the RHS as something which might help. It is called TRITICONAZOLE Liquid Concentrate. I chose this one because the RHS advise not to use one with an insecticide unless there is a problem with them. It has never had a problem with insects. Can you advise me if you think your product will work, where it is available in Dublin, Ireland etc.

Thanking you in anticipation, for your help in hopefully sorting out my problem.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Glynn.


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