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Help trees are dying

Help trees are dying

Asked 2 years 8 months ago by Judyr

I live in NYC. When I moved into my new place 3 years ago, we had 3 trees in the backyard. A blackberry tree, a cherry tree and a crab apple tree. The first year we were there nothing bloomed (the backyard was a mess). We tried our best to clean up the yard and last year we had an over abundance of fruit. We had to cut the blackberry tree down, it was too close to the foundation of the house and the coop board wanted it gone. Since we cut that tree my other trees have been suffering. The apple tree is completely dead. It's dry and not even a leaf has grown. My cherry tree, which I love, is now sapping and today I noticed bugs on the leaves. One I could identify as a lady bug, the other was longer and black with organe spots (see photos) There are also a lot of dead leaves and the bloom is very small. I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do to save the tree. I have no experience at all with tree care. Any help would be appreciated.


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