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How to treat Peartree rust ?

How to treat Peartree rust ?

Asked 1 year 9 months ago by DianaFletcher

Only have one fairly young pear tree and obvious signs of rust. I understand number of fungicides have been banned so hope there is still something I can do without losing the tree




Pear tree rust

Posted 10 Sep 2015

Thank you Paul for your help and will certainly follow your advice,

With my kind regards, Diana Fletcher



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Pear rust control

Posted 09 Sep 2015

Hello Diana.

Regretable, there are not sprays available for this disease and crop  at present.

Cultural practise can help minimize the problem for next year. At this time of year the disease is established on the tree. It will be important to clear up as many of the infected leaves and fruit during the Autumn, removing them from the tree area.

Next season in March, as growth starts again, apply granular Miracle Gro Rose & Shrub continuous release plant food over the root system. This is a balanced feed with lots of potash that will help produce strong early growth that will help resist the disease spores. 

Avoid the tree becoming stressed during the growing season, keep the soil moist and apply a liquid feed such as Levington Tomorite over the roots when the crop is developing.

Once the crop is picked carry out the hygiene routine of removing infected leaves and fruits that fall.

Hope this helps.

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