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Vine weevel

Vine weevel

Asked 1 year 2 months ago by flying.muppet

Hi I have a fig tree in a 30" pot outside on the patio.
Approx 9 years old just transplanted from a 24" pot.
And noticed vine weevil eggs in the compost.
What do you suggest I can use to treat this.



Amy Drudge's picture
Amy Drudge

How to treat for Vine Weevil

Posted 25 Apr 2016

Hi Flying Muppet,

The compost you used if it was newly purchased, it may not be vine weevil eggs and could be the slow release feed balls that come in the compost.

If it is Vine Weevil eggs then you need to use a product like Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil killer, use as per the label's instructions.

Kind Regards


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