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Garden hedges

Garden hedges

Asked 7 months 1 week ago by Alexwilson2307

Hi, the right side of my garden is bordered by evergreen plants mainly conifers (I think!) which are about 3m to 5m high. However the left side of the garden border is simply a 2m wooden fence. So, one side of the garden is green and mature the other side is a plain wooden fence. I am looking for some fast growing plants/bushes/hedges that will hide the garden fence, grow to 2m to 5m high and quickly give a mature feel to that side of the garden. Any suggestions?



Tim Farrant

The quickest plants are

Posted 15 Mar 2017

The quickest plants are leylandii and laurels, both will grow 2-5m once they are established. Prune on a regular basis to prevent them getting out of hand. Photinia Red Robin looks like a green laurel but the young growth is red turning green as it ages, it is slightly slower growing.

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