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Feeding products for the garden

Feeding products for the garden

Asked 1 year 11 months ago by BertieandGeorge

1. I note that you produce both Osmocote and Miracle Gro continuous feed granules. Please would you let me know what the difference is between the two. One is more readily available for me than the other.

2. I have bought Osmocote (although Miracle Gro would have been easier to buy). I am having difficulty in working out the measurements for my pots.
I have plant pots of 9", 12" and 14". Please would you tell me how much I should use for each of these. I note that a handful is described as being about 30 grams.

3. I cannot quite understand how to use the Osmocote. I have watched youtube videos but it remains unclear to me, as do the instructions. I have just planted a new hydrangea in a 9" pot, and put compost at the bottom, sprinkled some Osmocote on top of that, sprinkled about 1cm more of compost on top, sat plant on top, and then back filled with more compost around the side of it, with some Osmocote mixed in with it. Does this sound about right? Will the water take the nutrients down into the roots when I water? I used one handful for this, which I suspect is too much. Will this harm the plant or roots?

Thank you for your help.

Bertie and George


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