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How big will my tomato plant grow?

How big will my tomato plant grow?

Asked 2 years 8 months ago by mikeywil

Warning - I am an absolute beginner at this...

I bought a Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Tomato plant - can't recall if it was the cherry or the salad as I've thrown the label away! It's currently growing on the warm and sunny window sill of my office (and I plan to keep it there). So far the plant has grown to 80cm tall with seven side stems with what looks like more coming on top. The leaves on the bottom two horizontal stems are beginning to get a yellow spot discolouration (see pic).

I'd be keen to know:
1. have I got cherry or salad?
2. how big will the plant get?
3. any tips?

many thanks


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