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Best Weed Killer For Me

Best Weed Killer For Me

Asked 1 year 3 months ago by NeCaRo

I'm new at this. My garden is quite big and I wanted to start to create a lawn in a small area, below a grapevine with a lot of weeds. What weed killer should I use?



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Amy Drudge

What weedkiller to use on general weeds

Posted 21 Mar 2016

Hi NeCaRo,

If they are general broad-leaved weeds, nettles, dock's etc then something like Weedol Rootkill Plus or Roundup Fast Action will do the job.  The main active ingredient is Glyphosate, which degrades on contact with the soil, so with 24 hours you can lay turf or sow grass seed.

The following might be of interest to you:

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