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How to get rid of bramble

How to get rid of bramble

Asked 1 year 1 month ago by SWEATER

What weed killer can i use



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Vicky Page


Posted 25 Apr 2016

Hi Sweater, 

Brambles can be very tough to eradicate. They can root where they touch on the floor which makes them extra hard to remove. 

The best action is to cut the brambles back as hard as you can, then wait for the fresh new growth and spray this with a suitable herbicide - Roundup, Weedol Ultra Tough....

If the area is too overgrown to cut back, then autumn is the best time to spray the mature plants. They are drawing the sap back into the roots to help them survive over winter. Spray with Roundup or Weedol Ultra Tough and they will then draw that back down to the roots too....


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