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Asked 11 months 2 days ago by sean stroud

I live in South Devon. Is it too late to use weedol path clear this year on a path?



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Amy Drudge

Using Weedol PathClear

Posted 10 Nov 2016

Hi Sean,

Treating weeds at this time of year is not advised, they start to slow down growth, so the sap travels slowly around the weed down to the root and then and will be small in size.  Also, there is a lot more chance of the leaves being wet, either from dew, frost or rain so the product will just run of the leaf and not get absorbed.

These means it takes longer to work and due to the small size of it, there is a risk that it would absorb enough product to have a lethal effect.

It's best to wait now until April time when the young weeds are starting to come through, this means the sap system is flowing nice and quickly around the weed and the weather is hopefully drier.

Kind Regards


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