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Weeding & Weed Control

Giant Hogweed

After a number of high-profile incidents involving injuries caused by Giant Hogweed at the start of the summer holiday, we’re here to set your mind at rest with a simple and cost effective solution for how you can treat it.

Weedol PathClear Power Sprayer in use

In order to understand how weedkillers work, we first need to understand what a weed is. There are many types of weed and the type you have will determine the weedkiller you choose to get rid of them.

A Group of Dandelions in the Grass

With so many different weedkillers (herbicides) available, it can get confusing as to which type is best suited for use on your garden. Weeds are weeds right? Wrong.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a garden weed that is a real thug. It needs to be controlled before it spreads and becomes a severe problem. Its root system is so strong that it can cause severe damage to paths, drives and even house foundations.

Weed being pulled out of veg patch

As a general rule of thumb, when the soil is warm enough to be growing weeds then it’s time to sow all manner of vegetables outside, which will normally be from late March to the beginning of April.

Get rid of those pesky weeds

To keep weeds at bay for longer, you need more than muscle power. You need to be using the right weedkiller. However, choosing the best one for different types of weeds in all the different areas of your garden can be very confusing.

Weedkillers usage, storage and disposal

Weedkillers are chemicals specifically designed to control common garden weeds. They are manufactured according to very strict rules and regulations, and each will differ depending on their purpose and the weed they are intended to control.

Ways to treat weeds

Chemical weedkillers take the backache and hard work out of weeding. They are also a very efficient way of getting rid of weeds - especially otherwise difficult to control, deep-rooted perennial weeds.

Weeds in the lawn

The thick, green beauty of a lawn is often marred by the presence of lawn weeds. Find out the best way of controlling these weeds and preventing them from returning.

Taking a weed out by hand

Some people love weeding by hand, digging out their garden weeds. But is it such a great idea? In some circumstances probably not as it can lead to further weed growth.

Learn how to control and prevent weeds from invading your lawn, beds and borders.


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