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Places You Can Grow With Gro-ables

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By Lucy Pitts, Garden Enthusiast
Mixture of Red and Green Sweet Peppers

So how are you getting on with our Gro-ables? It really never has been easier to grow your own veg with these ready prepared seed pods and we’re looking forward to getting the whole nation munching on their own home grown produce this summer.

Even if you don't have an allotment or vegetable patch and own a small garden, you can still take advantage of this new range. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s our guide to imaginative places you can use your Gro-ables seed pods to get growing.

A Bite to Eat on your Balcony

Balconies are a great spot for a bit of growing. Check when your balcony gets the sun and how sheltered or shady it is and pop your Gro-ables into a larger container. Apart from being able to eat the fruits of your labour, your balcony will look great with all that lush, green foliage.

Rows Of Vegetable Crops
Image Credit: Gardening Knowhow

Seeds on your Window Sills

Actually why limit yourself to your window sills? If you have a sunny spot indoors, whether it’s a conservatory, a corner of the kitchen or even a downstairs bathroom why not pop a Gro-ables seed pod into a container and get growing.

If you’ve got children or grandchildren the chances are they’ll love watching your Gro-ables grow and what better way to encourage them to eat their veggies. In fact why limit yourself to downstairs? If you have any sunny space where a container will fit, you can now start growing your own food.

What About a Bit of Recycling?

Have you ever wondered what to do with a pair of old wellies? Well why not fill them with soil, pop in your Gro-ables and put one either side of the door? Or what about that old bucket with a hole in it which you were going to throw out?

If you’re doing any house renovations, the chances are you’ll have lots of things you can recycle and grow your vegetables in. We’ve seen old sinks, old lavatories, chimney pots and even an old bathtub given a new lease of life. Just choose your position carefully, fill with some soil and pop in your Gro-ables seed pods!

Garden Full of Vegetables
Image Credit: Sage Garden and Landscapes

Talking of Cycling

Have you got a bicycle with a basket which you don’t use any more? It can make a stunning display when planted up with a bit of soil and it will be utterly unique if your bicycle basket is sprouting peppers or cherry tomatoes!

Still Not Convinced You’ve Got Enough Room?

Have you got a garage or lock up? Can you put a row of containers down the side for planting your Gro-ables? Or what about a hanging basket, window baskets or wall baskets on the side of your garage, windows or house.

If you haven’t got a garage, what about along the front of your fence? Remember all you need is enough room for a container and you’ll be growing your own lunch!

cucumbers growing

So Why Not Spread the Word

Gro-ables are so easy and fun why not suggest to your child’s school or pre-school that they try growing some too. Because they’re ready to use and only take a small amount of care and a little bit of space, they are ideal for schools and youngsters.

But don’t be prevented from spreading the word just because you haven’t got children. What about planting some up at work to make sure you have the freshest of all possible lunches.

What Can We Do?

With the need for the nation to eat healthier and get active there are probably lots of institutions such as sports centres and healthcare centres that normally spend their budget on a floral display.

Wouldn’t it be great if they switched to planting Gro-ables by way of setting an example and you could have a snack on the way out (with permission of course).

The only restriction and limit on where you can grow your Gro-ables seed pods is your imagination. They are pre-prepared, don’t take much work, don’t need much room and a healthier (and cheaper) option than buying your veg in a supermarket.

We’d love to know what imaginative places you’ve come up with for planting your Gro-ables. Share all your ideas on our social our media sites, and let’s get the nation munching and crunching on home grown veggies!


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