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Gadgets vs gardening

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By Geoff Hodge, Botanical Expert (BSc, MCIHort)
Hozelock Gardening for Life Day

According to new research, nearly two-thirds of British children stay indoors in favour of playing indoors on gadgets, consoles and smart phones, rather than spending time in the garden.

David Domoney and the gardening schoolchildren
David Domoney and the gardening schoolchildren

The survey of 2,000 parents commissioned by Hozelock as part of its Gardening for Life campaign, discovered that 60% of children would rather play indoors on computer games than play in the garden.

Some of the parents admitted they struggle to get their children to play outside in the garden, and revealed that their youngsters spend less than 2 hours a week playing in the garden, compared to an average of 9 hours on game consoles, PCs and tablets.

TV gardener David Domoney, who is fronting the Gardening for Life campaign to encourage children to get in the garden, said: "Youngsters are playing indoors much more than they used to a generation ago, and many spend nearly 5 times more time on computer games then playing outside. If we’re not careful, a whole generation will miss out on the joys of the great outdoors.”


On the other hand, get children interested in exciting gardening projects and you may be nurturing someone who turns gardening into a profession or career. Who knows, you may even have the next Alan Titchmarsh or Rachel De Thame on your hands!

Our Miracle-Gro'wers Learning Journey, where we've been working with 10,000 schoolchildren from more than 100 schools to learn the joys of gardening, proves that you only have to light the fuse of gardening enthusiasm - and children can explode into fireworks of engrossed and enthralled youngsters who absolutely love gardening. And now that gardening is part of the National Curriculum, gardening can be used to learn about so many other topics.

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