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Get growing at Facebook’s FarmVille

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By Geoff Hodge

The Miracle-Gro FarmVille farm on Facebook

Miracle-Gro has created a branded farm at Facebook’s incredibly popular FarmVille virtual community growing game.

If you fancy your hand at cultivating and virtual farming such as ploughing, planting, growing crops and even raising livestock, then join Gilda the Gardener, your virtual hostess, who will show you how Miracle-Gro can help you grow your crops bigger and better from planting to the first bite - both virtually and in real life!

Once your crop produces that ‘First Bite’ yield, you will be rewarded with branded virtual items that you can use anywhere within the FarmVille experience.

So, if you want a growing challenge, visit the Miracle-Gro farm on Facebook and have some fun… but hurry, it ends 3rd April 2012.


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