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The Miracle-Gro Trials Garden

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru


The Miracle-Gro Trials Garden at Capel Manor Gardens

The Miracle-Gro Trials Garden at Capel Manor Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex, is progressing nicely. And we’re ready for planting.

Gardeners take careful note of the plants growing in their gardens. Watching the passing seasons is hypnotic and seeing how plants develop from seedlings to full-grown maturity is a magical process. So we decided to set up the Miracle-Gro Trials Garden to show you streaming pictures of how the various types of plants develop throughout the year.

This domestic sized garden is situated within the grounds of Capel Manor Gardens, a 30-acre garden richly planted with many themed gardens and open to the public every day of the year except between Christmas and the New Year holiday.

The trials

We have created 6 raised beds of identical size and they will be planted with similar plants side-by-side. The back pair of beds will contain shrubs, bushes and perennial flowers. The central beds will feature vegetables and the front beds will grow annual flowers. The difference between the identically planted beds will be the treatment they receive.

The soil in the left sides will be untreated and plants will go straight into the existing soil. On the right hand side we will improve the soil structure using Miracle-Gro composts and/or soil conditioners and feed the soil with an appropriate Miracle-Gro plant food. We will keep a log and record the treatments that are made, so you can keep track of developments. We will also bring you pictures to show how growth is progressing.

Very soon we will also be sowing the seed for a new lawn. Once again we will have a Miracle-Gro section that will receive the best care and attention from soil conditioners, plant foods and EverGreen lawn treatments. We will also leave some untreated areas, so you can judge for yourself the differences in grass establishment, lawn thickness, colour and durability. The growth of the lawn area will also be shown in pictures that will be updated on a regular basis. Watch this space!

Once we’re up and running, there will be regular news as the Miracle-Gro Trials Garden develops. Keep coming back to see how we’re progressing.

Find out more about Capel Manor Gardens.


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