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Nurturing nature in the play pit

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By Geoff Hodge, Botanical Expert (BSc, MCIHort)
Children in a Play Pit

Miracle-Gro tries to support requests from schools and has recently been supporting the growing endeavours of the children and staff at the Play Pit Day Nursery in Felixstowe. We have supplied them with compost, planters and feeds.

The children have had a marvellous time in their nature garden sowing seeds and learning about growing crops from around the world to tie in with the UK Olympics.

Play Pit Day Nursery Image 1Play Pit Day Nursery Image 2

Kyla, Jena and Alexa sowed American sweetcorn and are checking and watering their plants daily. Max, Grace and Abdullah sowed African sorghum and wheat and are planning on trying to make some bread when it’s ready to harvest. Tiffany, Chloe and Neve have been planting up an Egyptian Herb Tower with chives, parsley, sage and mint. Everyone is having great fun rubbing the leaves through their fingers and smelling the herbs to try and work out what they might be.

Play Pit Day Nursery Image 3Play Pit Day Nursery Image 4

The children have also grown sunflowers, broad beans, chillies and sweet peas, among others. Meanwhile, Nicolas and Indie sit guarding their strawberry plants, so that when the bumper crop turns red they can be the first to pick - and eat them!


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